Co-Presidents (2023-2024)

Co-president: Asaad

Hi, I’m Asaad! I’m a third-year NatSci doing double Physics and Maths. I am fascinated by the fields at the forefront of physics such as quantum computing, but I enjoy reading about developments in other fields, especially when these developments are interdisciplinary in nature. Looking forward to a great year of talks and events that cater to everyone’s interests!

Co-president: Malcolm

Hello there! I’m Malcolm, a 3rd year Chem Natsci from Hughes. My scientific interests are in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, as part of the drug development process. I enjoy long distance running and really like to use onions in my cooking (making full use of its anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties). Looking forward to a great year of inspiring talks and enjoyable events!


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