SciSoc Spotlight

SciSoc Spotlight is a new initiative (set up in Summer 2020) focussed on illuminating the lives of young scientists at the University of Cambridge. These scientists are often PhD students or young post-docs, members of the scientific community who have recently started on their journey. Those who have kindly agreed to be involved detail their research topics and interests and their motivations and provide advice to those seeking to follow down a similar path. We hope their stories help fill in the gap between an undergraduate degree and a Nobel Prize and, more importantly, inspire and help aspiring academics of all ages and every field to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Issue 1: Dr Gareth Steed

Issue 2: Professor Rachel Oliver

Issue 3: Dr Matthew J Mason

Issue 4: Dr Marta Correia

Issue 5: Georgeos Hardo

Issue 6: Dr Martin Welch

Issue 7: Dr Jerome Neufeld

Issue 8: Alexander P. Fellows

Issue 9: Dr Oliver Shorttle

Issue 10: Dr Chris Smith

Issue 11: Dr Chris Truscott

Issue 12: Nick Taylor

Issue 13: Dr Emma Cahill

Issue 14: Alice McDowell

Issue 15: Dr Jingwei Zeng

Issue 16: Emily Staricoff

Issue 17: Dr Stephanie Smith

Issue 18: Dr Tina Potter

Issue 19: Dr Alex Copley

Issue 20: Dr Alexi Crosby

Issue 21: Dr Mairi Kilkenny

Issue 22: Dr Chiara Giorio

Issue 23: Prof. Marian Holness

Issue 24: Dr Sam Troughton

Issue 25: Dr Jenny Zhang

Issue 26: Professor Eric Miska

Issue 27: Professor Chiara Marletto

Issue 28: Professor Hasok Chang

Issue 29: Dr Amy Milton

Issue 30: Dr Daniel Field

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