During full term, we organise weekly talks, usually on Tuesday evenings, at the Pfizer Lecture Theatre (Department of Chemistry, CB2 1EW). The location is shown on the map below.

Click here to find out all our future talks and events.

You may also subscribe to our Google Calendar to have all our talks and events on your personal calendars. The Google Calendar will automatically update as we add, remove or alter events – no effort needed on your part! Here’s a short guide to help you should you need it.

All our talks are free to our members who also receive a number of other benefits that you can read about on our membership page. You can become a member at our talks, normally for £12, or pay £3 on the door for a single talk. We provide snacks to nibble on while you are with us as you talk to other SciSoc members and the visiting speaker.

Arrangements for 2020/2021

SciSoc continues to bring a strong programme of speakers into the academic year 2021/2022, with topics covered including exploring exoplanets, origin of life, history of science and even more. The talks will continue to happen on Tuesday evenings, at 6 pm, with some special exceptions. These events will be online to comply with safe-distancing guidelines and to safeguard the health of our members and speakers. To sign up, please visit each specific event and click on the website link, found at the bottom of the page, under ‘Details’. You will be taken to a Google Form, which will collect your details; an invite link will then be sent to the email address you provided.

SciSoc has held successful online talks over 2020-2021, which can be found below. Feel free to watch the lecture recordings on our YouTube channel.

We look forward to seeing you at our talks!

IMG 1461
(Facebook Poster) Professor Erik Miska
(Facebook Poster) Professor Chiara Marletto
(Facebook Poster) Professor Hasok Chang Min
(Facebook Poster) Dr Amy Milton
(Facebook Poster) Dr Sarah Williams
(Facebook Poster) Dr Ulrich Keyser
(Facebook Poster) Professor Nick Lane  Min
(Facebook Poster) Dr Daniel Field

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