SciSoc Spotlight Issue 25 – Dr. Jenny Zhang

27 May 2021. Dr. Jenny Zhang was with the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry, School of Physical Sciences. A PDF version of this Issue is available here.

Research focus: Photosynthesis, electrochemistry, bioenergy

We are fascinated by the chemistry occurring within photosynthesis, an important process that sustains life on Earth as we know it. In particular, we analyse how solar energy is harvested by photosynthetic machineries to move electrons around for the breaking and making of bonds. We wish to better understand the nature of the electrode movements so that we can eventually ‘re-wire’ photosynthesis using chemical approaches for bespoke purposes – such as the generation of renewable bioenergy or the creation of novel biosensors.

What made you decide to pursue research?

I loved how research challenges me to be my most curious, rational and creative self. Being at the forefront of discovery is also pretty addictive!

One piece of advice…

Don’t go for the easy wins, challenge yourself to master something difficult and turn it into your superpower.

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