SciSoc Spotlight Issue 27 – Professor Chiara Marletto

25 Oct 2021. Professor Chiara Marletto is with Wolfson College (Oxford) and the Physics Department. A PDF version of this Issue is available here.

Which organisation and faculty are you currently attached to?

Wolfson College (Oxford) and Physics Department (Oxford). I am also a visiting fellow at the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore.

What is your sepcialisation?

Quantum theory and Quantum Information.

A short summary of your current research topic

I am working, together with a team of brave collaborators, on developing a generalisation of the quantum theory of computation, which will help us understand quantum theory better (maybe even improve on it!) and at the same time will also deliver the theory of the next generation of programmable machines (also called ‘constructors’) superseding universal computers.

What made you decide to pursue research?

It is at the foundations of physics – it touches the deeper part of the ‘fabric of reality’.

One piece of advice…

In short: Seek intellectual delight in an uncompromising way. Look for problems that you find interesting; cultivate the joy of understanding and solving them.

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