SciSoc Spotlight Issue 11 – Dr Chris Truscott

30 November 2020. Dr Chris Truscott is with the Department of Chemistry. A PDF version of this Issue is available here.

Research focus: Powder X-ray Diffraction Technician

As part of Chemical Crystallography, we are interested in developing new insights and tools to study the structure of crystalline materials. At the moment, I particularly focus on two-dimensional layers of molecules on graphite. I use x-ray and neutron scattering techniques to study the structure and dynamics of these systems. Hopefully, this will allow us to design better two-dimensional molecular materials.

What made you decide to pursue research/teaching?

I have always been interested in discovering new things and this was a major driving force behind my choice of science at university. This prompted me to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. In my current position, I have a great mix of lab work and desk work as well as different challenges everyday.

What would be your advice to aspiring researchers?

I will pass on the advice a potential PhD supervisor gave me: have patience! Research is full of dead-ends and false starts and whilst that can be pretty demoralising sometimes with a bit of patience (and hard work!) it will be very satisfying.

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