Back to guide home page.  Special thanks to Shaik Asaaduddin Khwaja and Malcolm Lim who started this guide in 2023 and those who contributed to the initial edition for each subject, listed as below:  
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Anna Leow
  • Biology of Disease: Yang Qize
  • Cell and Development Biology: Yang Qize
  • Chemistry A: Malcolm Lim
  • Chemistry B: Malcolm Lim
  • Physics A: Shaik Asaaduddin Khwaja
  • Physics B: Shaik Asaaduddin Khwaja
  • Mathematics: Shaik Asaaduddin Khwaja
  • Maths and Computational Biology: Etienne McElfresh
  • Evolution and Animal Diversity: Yvswenne Liew
  • History and Philosophy of Science: Daniel Lim, Bi Jiaming, Xu Chunran
  • Materials Science: Wenjing Tan
  • Neurobiology: Yvswenne Liew
  • Pharmacology: Malcolm Lim
  • Physiology: Yvswenne Liew
  • Plant Sciences: Aaron Koh
  • Quantitative Environmental Sciences: Lin Xianzhen

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