About Us

The Society

The Cambridge Scientific Society was founded in 1995, with the goal of promoting all branches of science at a level both stimulating to those studying science, and accessible to those with an arts background. Today, SciSoc is the most active science society at Cambridge, and with more than 1000 permanent members (and a much larger email database), the largest.

Often, the Society is a platform for the first public exposure of new research and findings. Past speakers include Nobel Laureates James Watson, Sir Tim Hunt and Sir John Walker, eminent scientists Sir Roger Penrose, Sir Richard Friend, Sir John Beddington and Peter Atkins, popular author Matt Ridley, and former Universities and Sciences minister David Willetts among many others.

The Activities

Our main activity is the organisation of weekly talks that cover all scientific branches, from physics to medicine, from biology to engineering.  Usually, our events include post-talk wine receptions, which offer a great opportunity to discuss the talk with other members, and to have a chat with the speaker. This year, members also have the chance to dine with our speakers before the talk. For more information on upcoming talks see here, or join our mailing list to be updated for all our events.

We strive to build a scientific community through social events, including our glamorous Annual Founders’ Dinner, the Science Societies’ Garden Party, and our biannual RI Dinner (last held in November 2013). We also organise trips to science facilities of world class importance, such as to the Diamond Light Source, the National Synchrotron Facility, where we were given a tour by the CEO Professor Gerhard Materlik CBE, and to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.

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